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Complete Family Dream with Second Opinion Program

With convenient online consultations, We Care Surrogacy experts Starts a programs that can help you navigate through your fertility diagnoses and treatment options without any liabilities and full confidentiality

How it works

  • Submit Free Short consultation form

  • A We Care Surrogacy representative will contact you for confirmation and medical reports.

  • A We Care Surrogacy Infertility Specialist will review your case

  • You will receive a second opinion within 48 hours via email

Benefit of Second Opinion

  • An expert’s opinion will ensure that you are on the right path and enhance your confidence.

  • Additional alternatives might be suggested by us which your doctor might not have discussed with you.

  • Help you understand what your infertility issues are

  • Assess if any additional fertility tests are necessary

  • Help you understand what your ovarian reserve status is, and what the implications are

  • Evaluate your current fertility treatment plan

  • Help you set realistic goals and expectations

  • Propose a fertility treatment plan that best suits your ovarian reserve status

  • Maximize your chances of fulfilling your dream, like many of our other patients have done here.

Change Your Life By Second Opinion

After a second opinion consultation, you may decide to pursue a different path in your fertility treatment, or make modifications to your current plans. Or you may be reassured that your current treatment path is the best one available for your specific situation. It is always good to feel informed and confident about your fertility.

Surrogacy Success
  • We offer a no obligation a free initial consultation

    Fees are an estimate only and may be more depending on your situation

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