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Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India. No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

Rising Destination For Surrogacy

Nepal is a rising destination for intending parents looking to enjoy the joys of their own baby. Surrogacy is often sought as the way to go for people who cannot conceive naturally.

Nepal come up as a popular destination along with India for surrogacy married heterosexual couples & homosexual couples. Nepal turned out to be a popular alternative for same-sex couples and single parents from many parts of the world.

What is Surrogacy?

  • Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technique which helps people who cannot conceive naturally have their own children through a surrogate.

  • Surrogacy is of two types: traditional and gestational.

  • In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate’s own egg is used. Pregnancy is achieved by artificially inseminating the egg.

  • In gestational surrogacy, fertilized eggs of either an egg donor or the intended mother are implanted into the surrogate mother’s uterus through in vitro fertilization. Most of the country’s allowing commercial surrogacy permit gestational surrogacy.

Why Consider Nepal for Surrogacy?

After India tightened rules on commercial surrogacy two years ago, foreigners seeking such services have started trickling into Nepal where rules are murky and regulation weak.

Nepal’s cabinet decided recently to allow foreigners to have surrogate babies as long as the mother is also a foreigner, arguing that this would promote medical tourism in the country. Since then the Department of Immigration records show that many foreigners, including 20 Israelis, have had surrogate babies in private hospitals in Nepal.

  • Nepal can also be considered for surrogacy by singles and gay couples.

  • Though surrogacy is still in its nascent stage in Nepal, the country’s government is likely to come out with a legal framework to regulate the industry that will permit two same-sex dads on a Nepalese certificate of birth.

  • Another upside to choosing surrogacy in Nepal is cost effectiveness. Surrogacy costs here are substantially lower than in other parts of the world.

  • As Nepal is the neighboring country of India, it has the advantage of near-at-hand expertise and experience of Indian doctors as well as the services of Indian surrogate mothers and egg donors.

Surrogacy Procedure in Nepal

Nepal Procedure For "Parenting"

Many couples have pursued surrogacy in nepal and have been able to have a child with the parents own genetic material, or with the assistance of a donor egg, and the help of surrogate (There must be a genetic link to one parent). Nepal is also open for single, heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Surrogacy Procedure in Nepal

Surrogacy Cost Nepal

Many single, defacto and LGBT couple from various parts of the world have found surrogacy in Nepal as the perfect choice for their wish of biological parenting. Surrogacy can also be beneficial to those who have surgically removed uterus or who have experienced frequent miscarriages in past. Nepal is an ideal destination for surrogate parenting for gay couple.

According to the recent cabinet meeting which passed the proposal tabled by the Ministry of Health and Population in regards to the changes in surrogacy law in Nepal, surrogacy is legal for foreigners provided that the mother is also a foreigner.

Surrogacy is a process by which a woman lends her womb to another couple to deliver their baby. It can be done either by inserting artificially inseminated sperm into womb of surrogate mother or by creating embryo through In- Vitro Fertilization and then inserting that embryo in womb of surrogated mother.

Surrogacy process starts with an appointment of surrogate mother to the willing parent. It might take 3-4 weeks. Egg donor is provided if required. Then, an embryo is created out of sperm which is then inserted in the womb of surrogate mother.

Cost of surrogacy in Nepal is cheaper in comparison to surrogacy cost in USA and other European countries.

  • Hire a surrogate mother in Nepal

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Disclaimer - Surrogacy procedure is completely banned in Nepal since 2015, thus nobody can avail this service here. But no worries! If you are looking for the surrogacy option in abroad, then here we are with the best and legal SURROGACY IN UKRAINE, GEORGIA, and USA. For further detail, kindly contact our support team.

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