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Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India. No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

Much appreciated such a great amount to everybody with us who has helped us with our two effective excursions. Much obliged to you especially to find us the most astounding surrogate ever, and for all the assistance on the lawful work that gives us the advantage of a birth endorsement with two Dads on it. In the event that some person had let me know on the day that we strolled into we care to meet John and others that we would have 3 excellent kids a unimportant 3 years after the fact, I would have let them know they were nuts! We are extremely honored and grateful for all your assistance.

Sam and Harry.

I can't tell how frequently I said thanks to my favorable luck that I caught wind of your organization coincidentally very soon while at the meeting in Boston. The voyage was long however shorter than I expected, and we felt bolstered each progression. The introduction of Alexa was a standout amongst the most essential snippets of our lives. There is nothing that can be contrasted with it, and without it, our lives would not be finished.

Angelina and will.

Things are certainly advancing superior to anything guage; in this way, I'm super cheerful. Consistently, there's something in the news around a surrogate game plan that has turned out badly from one place to the other . I'm truly happy right now that I joined with We care surrogacy. You have all been incredibly proficient and accommodating. Much obliged to you.

Veronica and Samuel

We and infants are fine. We can't trust they are now 6 months old. The time is flying, and the children develop so quick. They are entirely unexpected, as well. Gabriel is a genuine whiny little child, and he needs be in our arms constantly. He's generally eager, he's so ravenous. In France, we say he develops like a mushroom since he develops so quick. He's a dynamic child, moves a considerable measure and is extremely smiley. Rose, she is so insightful. She isn't so voracious like her sibling. She takes so long amid encouraging, and she's killing us since she's a genuine turtle when it is an ideal opportunity to eat. She's not a dynamic infant like Gabriel, but rather does a few things any other way things than him. She took a stab at talking. Every child rests soundly since they're 3 months. They give us a great deal of joy and satisfaction. I don't know how we had life every one of these years without them.

Much thanks to you for building and develop our family. We will always remember that Americans helped us to have our magnificent children. It was an astonishing surrogacy venture.

Catherine and Donald

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