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Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India. No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

Mexico (Tabasco) has a limited number of legislative provisions which expressly permit surrogacy or provide for the legal parentage of a child born as a result of a surrogacy arrangement.

Surrogacy in Mexico specifies that gestational surrogacy agreements are permitted by law in the state of Tabasco, Villahermosa, Mexico for infertile heterosexual married couples, gay couples, and single men and women who seek affordable third party reproduction options.

Sperm donation, egg and embryo donation are all introduced in Mexico for infertile couples. ICSI and PGD (Pre implantation genetic diagnosis) are allowed.


It is established in the 92nd Article of Tabasco Civil Code that: In the case of children born as the result of the participation of a Gestational Substitute Mother, parenthood will be presumed by the contracting parent when she/he registers the child birth, since this action Implies the acceptance of the parenthood.

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