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Build your family through egg donation.


If you need assistance in starting or expanding your family, you’re not alone. Many people experience difficulty having children. When infertility procedures like artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization are not enough, egg donation can make your dream of having children a reality.

Finding an egg donor is simple. Take a look at our egg donor database to find a young woman who is eager to help you fulfill your dreams of becoming a parent. You can tailor your search by physical attributes, ethnic background, educational information, and more. Registering gives you access to full applications replete with donors’ answers to more than 100 questions about their medical background, family history, interests, etc.

While intended parents can choose to work with anonymous egg donors, We Care Surrogacy has always strongly advocated known egg donation. Unlike other agencies, nearly all of our egg donors are willing to be known. We believe nothing is more important for the psychological and physical well-being of your child than having an egg donor who is available  to meet your child, if he or she desires, and update you on medical history changes should they occur.

We Care Surrogacy free consultation will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the egg donor program, including:

  • Legal requirements

  • Choosing an egg donor

  • Various types of donations

  • Assurance

  • Cost and financing options for  intended parents

When you’re read to move forward with with an egg donors, contact us!

  • Still looking for more information?

    To learn more about egg recipients and the egg donation process, download our Donor Oocyte (Egg) Recipents Handbook

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