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Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India. No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

Lesbian Surrogacy- Easier Journey For Parenthood

Finding Sperm Donor, Egg Donor & Surrogate Mother For Lesbian Families

Lesbian couples oftentimes reach a point in their relationship where building a family is what they desire more than anything in the world. And there is no confusion as to whether they are providing a loving, blissful family.

Now a day, many more gay and lesbian couples and individuals are deciding to have children through surrogacy and egg donation. Our mission is to create families for those who need a little extra help in making their dreams of parenthood, a reality. We Care Surrogacy caters to those who do not wish to pay the normally exorbitant agency fees. We believe you should receive quality services and personal attention at an affordable price. Our dedicated staff are here to insure your needs are met and your desires are fulfilled. Our staff are experienced in the creation of Gay and Lesbian families through surrogacy and egg donation, having made many happy couples and individuals into joyful parents. We look forward to making your dreams come true!

The Surrogacy process for Gay and Lesbian families is similar in many ways to the process for heterosexual families. To familiarize yourself with the Surrogacy and Egg Donation process, please visit our process links to the left. Once you have decided that surrogacy is the option you prefer to create your family, please contact We Care Surrogacy. One of our dedicated staff members will contact you for consultation.

Progressively lesbian individuals and couples wishing to create a family are appealing to reciprocal in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF allows one partner to be the egg donor and the other partner to carry the baby.

This attracts many lesbian couples because it permits both women to become bodily involved in the pregnancy and heightens the emotional involvement and connection to the pregnancy.

Lesbians are also turning to donor insemination to create a biological link to their child. This can be accomplished through an anonymous sperm donor using a sperm bank or fertility clinic. Frequently, a known donor is a friend or relative.

What Is Surrogacy For Lesbian Couple?

If you do not want to or physically are unable to carry a baby to term, this may be the option for you. Surrogates can carry and deliver your baby, and we are experts in matching you with the right surrogate, a process you are involved in from start to finish.

How Does IVF Work For Lesbians?

After you have decided to use reciprocal IVF, they process almost identical to standard IVF begins.

With any method of reproductive support for lesbian couples, the first thing to decide upon is sperm donation. Will we use a sperm donor bank or someone we know? Once this has been decided the process of synchronizing menstrual cycles occurs by inducing oral contraceptive pills.

The partner donating eggs will start medications to stimulate the progress of multiple eggs. The partner to be impregnated is induced with medications to help prepare the uterus for transfer.

Once the cycles are coordinated, the eggs will be retrieved using ultrasound guidance and mixed with the donor sperm in a dish. The resultant embryo is transferred to the uterus of carrier using a small catheter. If pregnancy is succeeded, prenatal care begins.

How to Choose Anonymous Sperm Donor?

When choosing to use a sperm bank, also called anonymous sperm donation, it ensures that the donor has no parental privileges to the child. The simplicity and uncomplicatedness of this from the beginning provides immediate assurance on your journey.

Conversely, it can add up financially in purchasing sperm from a sperm bank (up to $600 a vial, with the probability of needing more than one vial). It can also prohibit the timeline in conceiving with frozen semen as compared to fresh semen.

Many women deem the process of choosing a sperm donor overpowering assumed the number of options accessible and scale of the assessment. Sperm banks are now offering an option for “identity release” which provides the legal protection but allows the child to discover the father’s identity once they reach the age of eighteen.

What is a Known Sperm Donor?

Choosing a known sperm donor is a striking option to many women. One, It is generally less expensive than using a sperm bank. Two, it is a more personal journey and can provides the opportunity for the child to participate in the donor’s life.

Unfortunately, it is these two specific potentials that can also make choosing a sperm donor challenging. The laws fluctuate widely from state to state concerning the lawful parental rights of sperm donors.

If you choose a known sperm donor it is vital that you acquaint yourself with the laws in your state and access the guidance of an attorney accustomed with reproductive legal concerns.

This not only reduces the risk of a custody fight or a donor being alleged financially accountable for the child, but protects you as well.

It is vital in choosing a known sperm donor to have the donor comprehensively screened for infectious diseases, hereditary background and any chromosomal irregularities just as would be employed at a sperm bank. Most doctors will endorse that your donor's sperm is examined before you decide on using it.

What is Egg Swaping?

If you are in a lesbian relationship you may want to use your partner’s eggs, enabling you to carry her biological baby. This can make you both feel much more involved in the process.

Intended Parent Requirements.

We Care Surrogacy does not discriminate against any person desiring to be parents regardless of gender, financial situation, color, race, religious affiliation, fertility issue, marital status or sexual orientation. We Care Surrogacy requires that our Intended Parents meet the following before registering with our program:

  • Be Honest

  • No criminal history, able to pass a background check

  • Complete paperwork fully

  • Financially stable

  • Be respectful of Surrogate’s time and commitment

  • Between the ages of 21-60

  • Be in a stable living situation

  • Have the support of your spouse or partner (when applicable)

  • Not be on public assistance

  • Have read and understand the Surrogacy process

  • Be willing to undergo a Psychological Assessment

  • Ready to Become A Parent?

    We Are open For creating families for Same Sex Couple,Fees are an estimate only and may be more depending on your situation.

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