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Egg donation is fundamentally a procedure in which a woman donates eggs for therapeutic examination or for a helped reproductive season for intended parents. In Reproductive purposes, egg donations ordinarily include in vitro fertilization technology which includes the egg is being treated in the research center or laboratory. In assisted reproductive technology (ART) egg donation is an outsider reproduction. Earlier, a huge number of infertile parents, single parents and gay couples had adoption as the main way to parenthood. Yet, now with the progression of this assisted reproductive technology with egg donation, thusly to the donation of human oocytes and frozen embryos.


Process Of Egg Donation:


Being chosen as a contributor by one of our beneficiaries prompts an extremely energizing and compensating trip to help make a fantasy of becoming to be parents materialize. We trust that you have deliberately assessed your choice to turn into an egg donor. It is a genuine duty when you decide to take an interest in an egg donor cycle, and the outcomes are satisfying. The length of your dedication once you are chosen for an egg donor cycle can be as few as six weeks and the length of four months.


Egg donation involves a four step procedure:


STEP 1:  Initial Screening


On the off chance that you are a first time donor (or a repeated donor who has not cycled in a while), once chosen, you will have an introductory screening visit to the specialist’s office, in case, if you are going for the cycle or if the Reproductive office is far from your home, you may have to undergo some pre-testing visits at a nearby medical facility that your manager  will recognize for you. Every specialist has his own particular convention, yet here is the thing that we’ve discovered to be the standard testing request.

  • You will have your blood drawn on the 3rd day of your menstrual cycle for hormone tests and may need to experience a transvaginal ultrasound

  • Psychological screening (around 3-4 hours) if the hormone test outcomes return ideal.




At the point when your pre-testing results are ideal and you have been psychologically cleared,the cycling specialist will need to meet you to direct his own medical and hereditary screening. This process involves examination of medical/genetic tests, as well as blood drawn for any sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, hepatitis, and drug/nicotine testing.




Before you begin incitement medications, you will experience the legal procedure. Your manager will get you a lawyer to audit and conclude a lawful contract to be marked by you and the beneficiary. The beneficiary’s lawyer issues a legal letter, empowering the specialist to start the Egg Donation Cycle.




At the point when the eggs are mature, you will come back to the cycling specialist for the egg retrieval, which is normally planned at a early hour in the morning. The egg retrieval methodology takes around 20-30 minutes and requires around one to two hours of post-operative recuperation. The egg retrieval is performed vaginally, and the eggs are suctioned with an ultrasound guided needle.

Do you provide our information to the donor?

No. The donor only receives the recipients’ first name, together with a bio from the recipients, which will not contain any identifying information.

Hire one of them

What is your policy on meeting the egg donor?

We believe this important choice should be left to the recipients and the donor. We will make your choice and decision as private or as open as you wish.

How can we get more information about an egg donor?

If you are interested in a specific egg donor, you may immediately access the detailed egg donor profiles by Consulting us online

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Do we need to come in for a full consultation?

  1. Yes, and No. If you are not ready for a full 4-6 hour consultation, you can come in for a 45-60 minute mini-consultation. There is no charge for this. Please note that we cannot accept you into our program until you have attended the full 4-6 hour consultation. We can also conduct either a mini consultation or the full consultation using Skype and a webcam.

  2. We believe the decision to participate in surrogacy and which agency to work with is extremely important. You must be fully informed about surrogacy and have an understanding of our program before joining us. The consultation affords you the opportunity to get to know and evaluate us. After all, you trust us with your money and most important of all, with the task of helping you create your family.

  3. We need to understand what you are looking for in this surrogacy relationship so that we can find you an appropriate surrogate mother.

  4. There is a lot of information provided at this meeting. At its end, you will have a comprehensive view of all aspects of surrogacy: psychological, legal, administrative and procedural. We have never had a couple regret attending the consultation. Following the consultation most couples advise us that now they understand how important it was for them to meet with us.

It is essential that we feel comfortable with one another and want to work together. We have always enjoyed long and friendly relationships with our clients. Creating a child together is an unforgettable experience. Choosing to work together is the key to the success of our relationship.

Do surrogate mothers do this for the money?

Yes and No. Surrogate mothers often describe their feelings toward the child they carry for another couple as different from their feelings toward their own children. This sentiment is felt regardless of whether she participated in traditional (AI) surrogacy or gestational (IVF) surrogacy. They feel affectionate towards the child and protective, but no more than they feel towards a sibling’s child or a friend’s child. When they think about their experience of surrogacy, they often talk about their couple and the couple’s feelings of happiness. The bonding that usually occurs is with the couple. Often a surrogate mother will grieve the loss of their special relationship and will miss the attention she received when she was going through the surrogacy process. Contact from the couple after birth, such as a card and occasional photographs, helps the surrogate mother through this transitional time as she returns her focus to her own family and life. Almost all women experience some degree of post partum depression following a birth. Surrogate mothers are not immune from PPD. However, with contact from her couple and her counselor, she will often recover and return to her life within weeks of delivering her couple’s child.

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Motivations To Hire Egg Donor

As indicated by current research, women most generally donate eggs to help other people conceive kids. Women likewise donate for financial benefit, to find out about their own fertility, to adjust for an ended pregnancy, or to pick up information about the technology. A recent study found that donors who experience the egg donation method essentially to acquire money confront a higher danger of post donation, lament and psychological issues than women who donate basically to help other women. Some of the critics of egg donation contend that paying donors expansive sum of cash to donate eggs may pressure ladies in financial need to experience the procedure. These donors are in need to pay off debts, for example, education loans, pending bills etc.

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