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Straight Couples Surrogacy

Our staff are able to meet with you in person or via skype and will be available to you one on one throughout the whole process of your surrogacy journey. We do mostly work within the India, Nepal & Canada, but we are also currently working with clients from over 25 countries worldwide, including, Australia, USA, Mexico, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

We Care Surrogacy

The dream of becoming a parent through surrogacy is closer than you think!


We Care Surrogacy delivers a full-service surrogacy program that not only provides guidance through the significant moments of pregnancy, but also helps intended parents and surrogates manage the smaller events with ease and joy. From surrogate personal & medical screening to pregnancy preparation, we want to be sure that you and your chosen surrogate enjoy the exciting journey of pregnancy. Read these six easy steps to becoming a parent through surrogacy.

Step 1

 Get the information you need to make the right decision.


The goal of the Free consultation is to leave you informed, inspired and empowered to take the next step with We Care Surrogacy. This Free consultation is to help you understand the surrogacy procedure, find out exactly who our surrogates are, and discover what to expect when this process will begin. During Consultation we also Solve your issues related to legal contract with surrogate mother  & egg donor.

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Step 2

The first step can be difficult. Let us make it easy.


We care Surrogacy wants the beginning of the surrogacy process to be as simple as possible for intended parents. All you must do to Book appointment with program coordinator choose your egg donor profile if required.

Step 3

Finding the right surrogate is what we do.


The best way to match you with the perfect surrogate is to get to know you. You will fill out a short online form. On this We Care Surrogacy Website, you will be able to schedule your appointment with our Surrogacy Program Coordinating Team, with whom you will go through Surrogacy process. You also have the chance to speak with our legal advisory to discuss the legal aspects of surrogacy program.

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Step 4

Meet Your Preferred Surrogate Mother.


We care Surrogacy offers you surrogacy program that fully screens surrogates before matching them with intended parents. This helps reduce the financial and emotional risk for both parties. Our screening process includes an extensive application, a telephone and in-person interview, psychological tests and evaluations, a medical examination by an In Vitro Fertilization specialist Team, drug, nicotine and infectious disease screening and a criminal background check. This is also the stage in the process when we would involve an egg donor if it were necessary. We Care Surrogacy will assist you in finding affordable egg donor.

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Step 5

Where your dream becomes a reality.


Once you have been matched with a surrogate mother & egg donor (if required), you will begin funding your we care surrogacy expense account for all expenses related to the surrogacy process. Then you will begin the legal process and, if you are using an egg donor, finish up any screening that has not been completed for her. After you have completed the legal portion of the process, the surrogate and intended mother/donor are medically prepared for the procedure and a pregnancy is attempted several weeks later. Pregnancy results come back 10 to 12 days later.

Step 6

You are almost done.

After about 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, your In Vitro Fertilization specialist will release your surrogate to her personal obstetrician. As the pregnancy enters its 2nd trimester, we will begin arranging the plans for your arrival to the hospital. The long wait is over. The entire surrogacy program often lasts from 15 to 20 weeks and you will be updated by We Care Surrogacy through the entire process. We Care Surrogacy also support and guide for the baby exit visa procedure.

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