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According to Clause 123-Family Code of Ukraine, a woman qualifies to be a Surrogate Mother in Ukraine if she passes each medical test including HIV screening and blood analysis. In addition, the Surrogate Mother should be:

1-     Between 25-35 years old.

2-     The natural mother of at least one child.

3-     Mentally and physically capable of becoming a Surrogate Mother.

Ukrainian legislators have chosen a more consistent approach to Surrogacy arrangements in comparison with the total majority of other European groups. Ukrainian law permits the Intended Parents names to be entered on the birth certificate from the initial establishment of the arrangement. The child is considered to be legally “belonging” to the Intended Parents from the precise moment of conception. The Surrogate cannot keep the child after the birth. Even if a donor was used and there is no biological relation amid the child and intended parents, their names remain on the birth certificate. This also is controlled by Clause 3 Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine.

Article 123. Establishing Maternal and Paternal Affiliation in Case of Medically Assisted Procreation and Ovum Implantation

1-     If the wife is fertilized by artificial procreation techniques upon written consent of her husband, the latter is registered as the father of the child born by his wife.

2-     If an ovum conceived by the spouses is implanted to another woman, the spouses shall be the parents of the child.

3-     Whenever an ovum conceived by the husband with another woman is implanted to his wife, the child is considered to be affiliated to the spouses.

Assisted Reproduction in Ukraine is very promising. Surrogacy in the Ukraine has become a prevalent starting point for Intended Parents seeking a Surrogate Mother.

A recognized Surrogacy clinic can aid Intended Parents on their Surrogacy journey and educate them on the Surrogacy development in Ukraine. Intended parents need to be greatly cognizant of the laws in their own country and how it can affect the resultant consequence. A Surrogacy clinic or attorney can counsel you of the birth certificate and citizenship processes of Surrogacy in Ukraine.

Intended parents should be attentive to the costs of Surrogacy in Ukraine. The financial benefit when utilizing International Surrogacy can be a strongpoint.

Ukraine represents balanced legal acceptability, highly qualified doctors and moderately low costs. Ukrainian women seeking to become Surrogate Mothers possess unmatched individual qualities. Ukraine delivers exclusive options for couples or individuals from all over the world to grasp the next steps in becoming parents.

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