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IVF Clinic in Delhi – A clinic where your dreams turn into reality

IVF Centre in Delhi is associated with the team of highly skilled and qualified fertility experts and embryologists in the India who will help you in conceiving by offering the best fertility treatment at IVF Centre in Delhi which will turn your dream into the reality of having an own baby and that too at very reasonable cost. This clinic offers you the world-class infrastructure and uses the latest and advanced equipment to treat the cases of infertility at the affordable cost.

Types of Fertility Treatment

IVF Hospital in Delhi offers you the various types of fertility treatments under one roof and some of them are listed below:

  • IUI: IUI is a fertility treatment at IVF Clinic in Delhi where your fertility expert will wash your husband sperms and then place inside your uterus to facilitate the fertilization. The IUI treatment is performed to increase the number of sperms which reaches your fallopian tubes and will increase your chances of the fertilization. This procedure is less invasive and less expensive as compared to other fertility treatments.
  • IVF: IVF is the most commonly used procedure at IVF Clinic in Delhi. This is a fertility treatment where your fertility expert will collect your eggs and your husband sperm for fertilization in the laboratory. Once the fertilization occurs your fertility expert will place the embryo into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy. Usually, one cycle of IVF will take around two weeks to complete. This can be a time-consuming, little expensive and invasive procedure if you require more than one embryo to implant into your uterus.
  • Cryopreservation: This is a fertility treatment where your fertility expert will freeze your husband sperm and then thaw the sperm and the embryos to be used in the IVF procedure. During the time of an embryo transfer, you do not need to undergo for stimulation by the fertility drugs if the frozen embryos are available.
  • ICSI: IVF Clinic in Delhi offer ICSI treatment to those male members who are dealing with the cause of infertility. In this procedure, your fertility expert will directly inject a single sperm into each egg for fertilization and the resulted embryo will be placed into your uterus.

Double your IVF chances at IVF Centre in Delhi

In case the first IVF cycle of yours is failed to give you the successful outcome than IVF Clinic in Delhi offer you another IVF cycle at low-cost. Most of the couples have undergone for more than 2 IVF cycles to achieve their dream of having their own baby.

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