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    • 04 JUL 16

    Surrogacy Gay Couple

    The gay couple surrogacy is legal not each and every country because it is legal and authorized in some

    of the country and those countries are Greece and Russia, still the law facility are different. Now look at

    the legal facility that the available for the gay couple.

    Surrogacy in Russia:

    Russia is one of the luckiest country where surrogacy is available and the law of surrogacy is very

    cooperative and flexible because unmarried couple has the right to the surrogacy, single women

    unfertilized woman has the right to the surrogacy and the single infantilize man has the right to the

    surrogacy. Single parents surrogacy is legal in the Russia either the patient is aboriginal or the overseas

    patients the surrogacy process is same for every person. Rather than single parent surrogacy rules and

    regulation is same for the heterosexual and the homosexual couples as well. Many people think that

    have the treatment of surrogacy in the other country may conduct some of the problems for the patient

    so nothing is like that because the process is very easy without any trouble we are ensuring that the

    patient can easily travel in their home country with the child.

    Surrogacy in Greece:

    The framework of surrogacy in Greece is very flexible basically the altruistic gestational surrogacy is very

    tolerant. Over and all, commercial and social surrogacy are explicitly prohibited by the law, Gay

    surrogacy is implicitly prohibited in a country, where civil unions between the same sex couples are not

    recognized by the law. Greek legislation supports intended parents their dream of having a baby in using

    an egg donor or sperm donor. Surrogacy is allowed for married and the single women and men who are

    a resident of Greece. If you have planned the surrogacy for the gay couple so there are many legalities

    and the rules that you have to follow.

    The commissioning mother should prove that she is unable to carry the child to term.

    The age of the surrogate mother is not more than the 50.

    Surrogate mother before conceiving the child should prove that she is physically and mentally fit.

    The fertilized OVA should not belong to the surrogate mother.

    The surrogate mother and the commissioning parent should be Greek citizen or the permanent


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