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The network hospitals under We Care Surrogacy offer the best Surrogate Mother in Ukraine who helps the couples in building their families and spread happiness among infertile couples. These surrogate mothers are willingly ready to carry the baby in their own womb for 9 months for those couples where men are dealing with low or poor sperm count and women with kidney disease or having some problems with her uterus due to which she is unable to carry the pregnancy in her womb. The Surrogate Mother in Ukraine will help these couples by providing their services to them and carry their baby until the baby birth and then hand-over to the intended parents.

Usually, the network hospitals under We Care Surrogacy hire the women between the age group of 21 to 35 years in traditional surrogacy and up to 41 years in gestational surrogacy. These are the young, healthy and fertile women and the fertility expert also examine the Surrogate Mother in Ukraine for her infectious diseases so that it will not be transferable to the baby born through surrogacy. Generally, for surrogacy procedure, the network hospitals under We Care Surrogacy hire the married women as she establishes her ability to bear children as compared to unmarried women.

Why is the background check necessary for the Surrogates in Ukraine?

The family and the medical background check is necessary for all the women who wish to be Surrogates in Ukraine because if they are dealing with any disease the chances of that disease can increase which can be transferred to the baby born. In case they are addicted to any illegal drugs or alcohol that can also affect the chances of conception. So to avoid the unsuccessful results of the surrogacy treatment the network hospitals under We Care Surrogacy do the proper medical and personal background check for all the Surrogates in Ukraine to ensure the maximum chances of conception.

To whom Surrogate Mother Ukraine is recommended and how they get paid?

The following are the people to whom the surrogates are recommended:

  • A woman who had some medical issues with her uterus.
  • A woman whose uterus is removed due to hysterectomy.
  • Couples who tried the adoption option but their age or marital status are the factors due to which they are rejected.
  • A gay couple who wish to have their own baby can use the eggs of the traditional surrogate and get them artificially inseminated with one of the partner sperm to facilitate fertilization.

The Surrogate Mother Ukraine paid in the form of monthly instalments so that they can take the proper diet and regular medications which is necessary for the procedure. The final balance left-over will be paid to the Surrogate Mother Ukraine once the heartbeat of the infant is confirmed through an ultrasound scan.

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