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    • 17 JUL 15
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    In what countries is surrogacy legal?

    Surrogacy is legal and safest in the countries like India via the Supreme Court judgement,In some states of US and in Ukraine. India by far has the cleanest history of Intended Parents non-exploitation and no case of refusal by surrogate or blackmailing for extra compensation or withholding of baby by Indian government or surrogate has been reported .
    While other countries are there which allow parents to commission overseas surrogacy but law in them is either not there or unregulated surrogacy industry. For instance in Thailand there was unregulated surrogacy industry which provided grounds for many hospitals/agency/doctors/middleman etc to lure parents to commission surrogacy and later their children were not permitted to leave thailand. Nepal too has a similar status, there is no law and hence people commissioning surrogacy in uncertain legal environment.

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